How we work

We are aware that everything starts from the script, that’s why we have a rigorous contents selection system, which looks for projects of different genres, with universal values, and with the intention to satisfy the entertainment needs of most possible spectators of a global market.

Our production system must include a variety of talent, people with proven experience that have been awarded national and international awards, with passionate young people who are seeking a place in the world of entertainment in front of and behind the cameras; the production contents are guaranteed to have a freshness supported by experience. This combination makes our products unique, which have been recognized internationally, by the critics as well as by the public.  

We create an industrialized system of production and implementation, that guarantees stable and fixed costs for each project. This implies that each project is handled and developed individually; our production system pays attention even to the smallest of details in a comprehensive way. Because of our system, we have fixed dates for the delivery of projects at a worldwide level. In other words, the projects have perfectly established quality, cost, and delivery times before starting their production.

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