The story of Daniel (Plutarco Haza), who after have been through difficult time in both the affective and professionally, life gives him a motivation to keep going. One day, unexpectedly knocks at Daniel´s door his old father in law , Don Gustavo (Aaron Hernan), who arrives with the news that he has a daughter, Samantha (Sophia de la Mora), due to the relationship with a former girlfriend (Erendira Ibarra) 8 years ago; but unfortunately she died and now he has to take care of his daughter. During this journey, Daniel rediscovers love in Katia (Claudia Lizaldi), Samantha´s teacher , who helps both recognize themselves as father and daughter
Prod. Sahara Films / Integradora cinematografica, sa. de c.v. 2013



¿Have you seen Lupita?

Lupita, a young mexican girl, runs away from her family who want to commit her into a hospital. She will start a journey that will take us into a world that seems crazier than she is. With her sensuality, innocence and romanticism, Lupita invites us to think that the world can be experience in other way.
Has Anybody Seen Lupita? Is a romantic and tragicomic film full with mistake situations, with great performances by Dulce María (ex RBD) as Lupita, Cristián de la Fuente as his brother Maxi, and Carmen Salinas (‘As good as it gets’, ‘Danzón’, ‘Man on fire’) as his fairy godmother, travel and adventure partner, Chepita.
Ninth feature length film by the well known Chilean director Gonzalo Justiniano, whose previous films B-Happy, Amnesia, and Lokas, has surprised us with his special vision.



Lokas is a comedy of errors which recounts, with humor and emotion, the different intricacies that are involved Charly (35 years, oven phobic) to be forced to go live with his son Peter(9 years) to the house his father, who is not 30 years ago, and it is with surprise, not less, that his father .. is gay and lives with her boyfriend. This film recounts, in a funny and tender, the journey of this family group to the reunion
and character is important to Peter. who from the innocence of his 9 years strives to unite
his family, inviténdolos to overcome prejudices. In turn, thishistory reflects a process that has experienced the 'Latin World', which goes from intolerance to tolerance on this issue.



Anacleto is a hard man, who decides to leave everything behind in search of forgiveness. He starts his peregrination looking for a song, the only thing that can help him to find peace. His trip begins searching in the outside, but as a matter of fact, is an internal trip, where he learns that the only one who can give him forgiveness, is himself.



Tierra Caliente

Tierra Caliente is the story of an ordinary family in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. As they go about theirnormal lives, they are caught in the crossfire between the Narco drug cartels and the military.

Prod. México, R eino Unido · 2015 · Color · 76"

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